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We hear this all of the time "We're SOOO awkward!"

Well, you tell me, are these two amazing people looking awkward to you? Us either!

We met Kelly & Chris at a forest preserve, or a mill, or a flood zone, we lost track in all of the smiling and laughter where we even were! We even took a "wrong turn" and found this stunning bridge over a flooded river.

We toured this amazing place laughing, telling stories, talking about how Chris is the Taco Bell Champion and how Kelly was purposed to in cow boy boots and an America t-shirt.

As engagement photographers we have the pleasure of working with amazing people who create amazing couples. Their belief in their awkwardness slowly dissipated when they realized they were having a freakin' blast!

And to be honest, all of our couples have a blast with us! We're real, we're odd and Phil always has a joke or two up his sleeve.

Feast your eyes upon their gorgeous engagement photos, we can't wait for your wedding!

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