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Connie & Merle

A love story 60 years in the making.

60 Years after they said "I Do" We brought them back to the same church, in their same dress & tux and recreated their wedding photos from 1957.

These days, the idea of marriage can be different than in the past. There is something special about a couple who still believes in the power of endless love and the endeavor of a lifelong marriage.

No one has ever said that marriage was easy. For those of us involved in the beauty of a forever partnership, a pick me up from a couple of veterans is sometimes essential.

Meet Merle.

He found Connie in the summer of 1957. Picture the scenery: He is 22 years old, driving on a moon lit night through a nearby town. Him and his closest buddies are in the car, driving recklessly, when a pain in his gut screams to him:

“Get out of the car, right now.” The voice inside his head leads him to the nearest bar.

Upon entering, his eyes are drawn to a BOMBSHELL red head with her closest girlfriends sitting at the bar. Rounds of drinks are bought, conversations are stirred and the time has come to sneak away for a one on one conversation in a quiet place.

Meet Connie.

She is the bombshell red head. Her parents owned a summer cottage on the lake where her and her girlfriends had decided to go out for a night of music and drinks. She had grown up in Illinois all of her life and regularly sailed Lake Michigan with her father. “Would you like to go out on the piers?” Asks Merle

This is where their love story truly begins.

Merle had bought the drinks, scored a one on one conversation and his next move (naturally) is to impress her by showing off a docked boat on the pier and claim it as his own.

Little does he know, she sees right through his obvious claims of owning a craft that isn’t his.

This, is a raw experience.

When an innate sense of intuition leads you to a woman that lets you try and impress her, while she sits along for the ride and falls in love with you anyways.

Six weeks after meeting at the Fox Lake bar, they become engaged; or more like a friend just simply asking “HEY! When are you two getting married?!” And Merles natural response was to just pick a random date a few months in the future.

​6 weeks after meeting they were engaged, 6 months later they were married, 6 children and 60 years later...

we had the privilege of recreating their wedding.

True love still lives.

Marriages still thrive.

If you look for the beauty in life you will find it.

Delight yourself in the images of love

from 1957 that is still alive in 2017.

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