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An ongoing joke between Phil and I is his "one more then your free" quote.

Engagement sessions always start out the same, "Hi, How are you? Are you excited? How's wedding planning going?"

Then, after the all of the formalities are set, the personalities come forth!

As engagement photographers, it's our job to get to know you before your wedding and we become your wedding photographers! And, it's also my duty to warn you of the "one more photo" line.

Once the comfort level is established, the jokes are flying and the creative endeavors are well underway, there is NO STOPPING Phil and his camera. His love for this art is truly apparent.

We said our good byes to this gorgeous couple at Glacial Park, got into our separate cars and weren't to meet again until we see them in Punta Cana for their destination wedding!

That's when the fog rolled into the valley...

Phil and I look at each other and say "ONE more photo?!" Yup...we pull over on the side of the road, flag down Elliot and Paige and what do you think we said?

"We lied, just ONE more photo!"

And you know what? They're probably some of the best from their entire engagement session!

Here's to the art and never letting it die and just one more, then you're free.

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