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It's always a gamble. The weather that is.

It's not about the things happening, but the reaction to them.

That's how Alex and Amanda handled their rainy, gloomy, love filled wedding! We started at the Gardens of Woodstock with an amazing sense of certainty that this couple was "THE BOMB." We circled the amazing brick paths through exotic plants, extravagant statues, fountains, small bridges and as photographers we decided we were in photographic heaven.

That's when the clouds rolled in, the drizzles started and all of the guests were encouraged to take their outdoor seats as soon as possible; to try and beat the rain. You would think this would cause panic, worry or even a little stress? NOPE! Not these two. The ceremony commenced with grace, humor and more musical love quotes than I've ever heard.

Their ceremony was a tribute to their amazing love. Yeah, their wedding and their portraits are in the rain but, what better way to remember your day as it was and enjoy the little things that life throws at you as a team.

Congratulations Alex & Amanda and thanks for weathering the storm with us!

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