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When you hear the word suave what comes to mind? Polished shoes, done up hair, a walk, or even a talk? When I think of suave I think of Rachel and Alfredo.

From the moment we walked into their home, the day was filled with beauty, laughs and choreographed dance moves.

As wedding photographers we are never disappointed in the wonderful people our profession brings us. Alfredo and Rachel had choreographed their own first dance! But little did we know (even Rachel) that Alfredo had created his own dance for her! This was no ordinary dance though, this was a three part dance of his solo, his groomsmen joining, of course all the adorable children!

With all of the excitement, all of the hard work and a few hiccups here and there, their day was such an experience to be a part of. We are just over the moon with being Chicago wedding photographers.

Thank you Rachel and Alfredo! Thank you for letting us capture your beautiful wedding!

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