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A Little Rain Never Killed Anyone

Engagement photo sessions are always imagined with illusions of gorgeous light and a beautiful sunset. At least, I know they are for me! But sometimes Mother Nature has other plans for us. I will inevitably get an email from a concerned couple about a week out with questions regarding the upcoming forecast. Totally understandable! We are all investing valuable time and energy into this once in a lifetime opportunity to capture your engagement photos in preparation for the big day! It seems like an easy call to reschedule in hopes of a perfect evening. My advice is to stick it out. This might not fly with everyone, but it's worth a shot!

As a photographers, we flourish in dazzling light. So what do we do when the weather isn't ideal?

We improvise!

Tara and Matt's engagement session was a prime example of this. When Molly and I parked our car at the train station, we completely forgot to grab our umbrellas because the weather was looking promising! When finally landed downtown, things were still looking good. A little cloudy, but photographers LOOOOVE overcast skies.

We wandered down to the South Garden of The Art Institute of Chicago and started looking around for photo ops. Our couple showed up a bit early, so we got right to it! They walked up with two pristine clear umbrellas and I suddenly realized that we had left ours behind.

"Oh well!" I said, "good thing it looks like we the rain is gonna hold off!"

Within 15 minutes it was drizzling... of course. Then it quickly opened up into a steady rain. So we went with it. Scurrying beneath trees, we attempted to stay dry, but after a few minutes we completely forgot about it and had a blast wandering around in the rain.

Here is a look at what we captured!

The moral of the story is: Don't ever give up on the weather. Have fun with it and enjoy the unique opportunity to do something different!

We are looking forward to shooting this couple's Alaskan Elopement next summer. This was a wonderful test of what the world will throw at us!

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